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About Bali


The Balinese are one of over 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia. The majority of the population adheres to Agama Tirtha, which translates to religion of the holy water. This unique Hinduism is formed as a combination of existing local beliefs and Hindu influences from mainland Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Nyepi/Day of Silence

To mark the Balinese-Hindu New Year, the Balinese celebrate an annual ‘Day of Silence’ known as Nyepi. It is a wonderful time to visit the island, for guests who are interested in the unique traditions that underpin Balinese-Hinduism. A spectacular procedure of ceremonies, parades of great bamboo monsters, and fireworks occur on the Eve of Nyepi, followed by a day of total silence and seclusion when the Balinese will pray and meditate to cleanse the island of evil spirits. The next Nyepi Day will be ‎28 March 2017. In accordance with local regulations, all visitors must remain within the hotel property from midnight March 28th to early morning on March 29th. All facilities at AYANA and RIMBA Jimbaran Bali will be open and operational including the Spas, Aquatonic Pool, Tennis Pavilion, golf putting course, swimming pools, Kids Clubs as well as restaurants (except Kisik Seafood Bar & Grill, Kubu Beach and Rock Bar which will be closed on March 28th). The complimentary resort shuttle that operates between AYANA and RIMBA will also remain in operation on this day, to enable guests to use the facilities across the entire resort. For more information on Nyepi activities, please contact


The most widely spoken languages in Bali are Bahasa Indonesia (official national language of Indonesia) and Bahasa Bali, the local dialect. English is widely used around the island.


The weather in Bali is generally hot and humid throughout the year. Temperature ranges from 24 - 32 degrees Celsius (75 - 89 degree Fahrenheit). Bali has two distinct seasons. Rainy season occurs generally around November through April. Precipitation falls mainly during the late afternoon and early evening hours. Dry season generally occurs around May through October.

Dress Code

Cotton or lightweight clothing is suitable for daywear. Light cotton, viscose or silk clothes are most comfortable to wear in this warm climate (linen is usually too heavy). It is preferred to avoid immodest clothing when visiting temples.

Time Zone



The local currency is Indonesian rupiah (Rp). As currency often fluctuates, we recommend that you check the rate prior to your departure to Bali. Currency exchange service is available at the hotel's Front Desk. You could also change your money or traveler’s checks at banks and local money changers. ATMs are available in major tourist areas. Generally, credit cards and traveler's checks can be utilized at major hotels and restaurants, however, please be advised that there are few tourist areas that only accept cash. According to Bank Indonesia regulation, all cash payment must be in local currency (Rp).


You may only bring in to Indonesia a maximum of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100g of sliced tobacco, as well as two liters of alcohol. Narcotics are strictly prohibited.


Indonesian Government grants visas on arrival to 63 countries, whose citizens can purchase their Tourist Visa upon arrival at the airport, without applying in their home country first. Citizens from countries not included in the Visa on Arrival scheme must apply for a visa before arriving in Indonesia. Please contact the Indonesian consulate in your country for further details.


  • Country Code: 62
  • City Code: 361
  • International Calls: Dial 001 before the country code
  • Local Directory Assistance: 108


220 - 240 AC/DC voltage

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Police:110
  • Fire Department:113
  • Ambulance:118
  • Denpasar Search and Rescue Office:115 or 751 111

Tourist Information

Bali Tourist Authority:

  • Telephone:+62-361-222-387
  • Fax:+62-361-226-313

Typical Business Hours

  • Office:09:00–17:00
  • Banks:08:00–14:30
  • Shopping Areas:10:00–22:00


Tipping is not expected, though welcomed. Most restaurants and hotels include a service charge in the bill.


Ngurah Rai International Airport

  • Distance to Resort:12 kilometers (7.4 miles)

About AYANA Resort and Spa

Our Commitment To Sustainability

AYANA is committed to achieving the best practice of environmental and social responsibility. We have established a partnership with EarthCheck, the world’s leading benchmarking and certification provider, to ensure that each and every member of the AYANA team strives to minimize our resort’s footprint on the environment. We look forward to sharing our passion for sustainability with you.

How to Make a Reservation

To make an online reservation, go to the "Rooms & Villas" page under the Resort heading. For telephone reservations, please contact +62-361-702-222.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or to make any changes to your reservation, please click here to email us or contact +62-361-702-222.

* Your e-mail software will open, so please provide your information and send the message.
[Fist Name/ Last Name/ E-mail/ Home Phone/ Mobile Phone/ Inquiry]
* If your e-mail software does not open, please send us your request at:

Credit Card Payment

AYANA Resort and Spa accepts the following credit cards:

  • VISA
  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • AMEX

Exchange Rates

Due to financial climate, fluctuations in currency exchange rates can be both sudden and drastic. We therefore would like to advise you of the following:

  • Guaranteed Rupiah prices: the prices quoted in Rupiah are guaranteed and fixed when you settle your hotel account in Rupiah currency.
  • Credit card: According to Indonesian law, settlement by credit card is charged in local currency. AYANA Resort and Spa takes no responsibility for subsequent exchange rates or other fees applied by your credit card provider during your stay or after your departure.

Check in/Check Out

  • Check-in Time: 15:00
  • Check-out Time: 12:00

Airport Pick up and Drop off Service

A choice of pick-up and drop-off by Toyota Kijang, Toyota Alphard and Mercedes Benz is available. Please click here for more information about airport pick-up and drop-off services.

Transportation Service

A choice between Toyota Kijang, Toyota Alphard and Mercedes Benz vehicles is available for transportation around the island.
* Hourly charter requires a minimum booking of 2 hours.

  • Toyota Kijang: Rp.234,000 nett / hour
  • Toyota Alphard: Rp.468,000 nett / hour
  • Mercedes Benz: Rp.520,000 nett / hour

The resort provides complimentary round-trip shuttle bus service to Bali Collection shopping complex at Nusa Dua four times every day.

  • From Hotel to Bali Collection: 10:00 / 12:00 / 14:00 / 16:00
  • From Bali Collection to Hotel: 10:45 / 12:45 / 14:45 / 16:45

* Taxis are available from the hotel upon request.
* 11 people maximum per departure. Bookings in advance are essential.

Internet Service

Wireless internet at AYANA is free of charge, and applied to all area including Guest Rooms, Villas, Public Areas, and Meeting Rooms.

Rock Bar

Complimentary HotSpot for public use


Please click here for more details about breakfast. Club Room guests have access to our Club Lounge to enjoy complimentary breakfast. Villa guests enjoy a la carte breakfast at Dava Restaurant.

Rooms for Meetings and Conferences

AYANA Resort and Spa's meeting rooms can be utilized for business purposes, private functions and wedding receptions. Please click here for more information about event arrangements.

Children's Program

AYANA Resort and Spa offers various programs for children. Please click here for more information.

Resort Brochure

You can download AYANA Resort and Spa brochures at the links below:

Drone Policy

Safety and privacy of our guests, employees and property is of primary concern to AYANA Resort and Spa, BALI. The unauthorized use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), including, but not limited to, drones and radio controlled aircraft and devices, by the public, employees or guests is strictly prohibited at AYANA Resort and Spa, BALI. This prohibition on drone use extends to any drones launched or operated from Resort property, as well as drones launched from any property outside of the Resort boundaries.

Any violation of this policy may cause confiscation of the equipment. Violators will be liable for any damages, including but not limited to, physical or personal injuries, property damage, damages for violations of privacy, regulatory fines and legal fees.

Food & Beverage

One of the many wonderful pleasures experienced by our guests is dining at the extensive selection of 17 unique food, beverage and entertainment venues offered at AYANA and RIMBA. Please note that food and beverage products purchased outside of the resort are not permitted at AYANA or RIMBA. We appreciate your kind understanding and look forward to hearing about your favorite AYANA restaurant.