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10 Juli 2014

Jimbaran, BALI, 4 October – Have you ever wanted to create your own perfume and massage oil that reflects your unique personality traits? AYANA's Thermes Marins Bali Spa has partnered with L'Atelier Parfums & Creations studio to offer guests the memorable experience of not only creating their own massage oil to be used for their Aromatic Body Massage, but having it bottled as a perfume to take home with them. Now that's what we call immersing yourself in the fragrance of Bali!

The two hour L'Atelier Perfume Spa package combines a 45-minute perfume-making workshop at the L'Atelier studio located within the grounds of AYANA, with a 75-minute Aromatic Body Massage using your special blend of essences – the same blend that will be used to create your own perfume.

Your experience begins at the perfume-making studio, the only one of its kind in Indonesia and which follows traditional French processes to create perfumes suited to individual personality types. There are some 45 different essences, fragrances and raw materials with which to create your own blend, including frangipani, lavender, jasmine, citronella, coffee, cempaka, vanilla, clove, wood and even civet, the cat-like creature whose droppings make the world's most gourmet coffee, Kopi Luwak, which is also served at AYANA.

A short questionnaire will determine your personality traits: Different/Eccentric, Sensual, Romantic, Vivifying, Dynamic, Mysterious, Exotic, Masculine or Discreet. The perfume consultant will suggest fragrances matching your survey and give you three small 'test' vials in which to mix different blends. You then select your favorite blend, a portion of which will be sent to the spa to be mixed with almond and grapeseed oils for your Aromatic Body Massage. While you are enjoying your massage – a unique blend of Swedish, Hawaiian lomi-lomi and Balinese long strokes – the perfumer will create your perfume. The 30mL bottle will be presented at the spa after your treatment, as a unique souvenir of your time in Bali.

This package is open to guests staying at AYANA as well as those visiting from outside the resort. For more information and bookings, please contact the Spa on extension 17 or 32.