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Beauty Salon & Nail

Professional Beauty Salon Services at Our Bali Spa Hotel
For the finishing touches, skilled beauticians in our Bali hotel spa offer a full range of hair and nail care. If you are visiting our Bali spa hotel for a wedding, special celebration, or important business gathering, this world-class salon will leave you sparkling for the big event.



Hair Treatments

  • Hair Care

Shampoo & Blow Rp580,000++/US$50++*approximate RESERVE
Creambath (Natural Dry) Rp900,000++/US$78++*approximate RESERVE
Hair Spa (Natural Dry) RP900,000++/US$78++*approximate RESERVE

Nail Treatments

  • Hand Nail Care

* Including color
Rp530,000++/US$46++*approximate  RESERVE
  • Foot Nail Care

* Including color
Rp636,000++/US$55++*approximate RESERVE
Soft Gel
* Nail Care & one color Soft Gel/10 nails
Rp1,000,000++/US$87++*approximate RESERVE
  • Hand & Foot Nail Care

Manicure & Pedicure
* Including color
Rp1,000,000++/US$ 87++*approximate RESERVE

Wedding Treatments

  • Bride's Hair & Makeup

Hair & Makeup
* At our wedding dressing room (depending on the wedding venue)
US$ 408++ ---
Hair Style Change US$ 176++ ---
Hair & Makeup Rehearsal
* At our Beauty Salon
US$ 303++ ---
  • Hair & Makeup Touch-up

Makeup & Hair Touch-up / 1 hour
* Our beautician attends your wedding reception and photo tour
for make-up & hair touch-up. Charged hourly
US$ 228++ ---
Makeup & Hair Touch-up / 2 hours
* Our beautician attends your wedding reception and photo tour
for make-up & hair touch-up. Charged every 2 hour
US$ 287++ ---
  • Attendee's Hair & Makeup

Hair Styling US$ 153++ ---
Makeup US$ 153++ ---
  • Groom's Hair

Hair US$ 71++ ---
  • Balinese Wedding Outfit Rental

Balinese Wedding Outfit Rental
* Including accessories, shoes, hair & makeup
* Price is for couple.
US$ 497++ ---
Balinese Outfit Rental
* Including accessories, shoes
US$ 223++ ---
Balinese Outfit Dressing
* Excluding outfit rental
* At our Spa facility
US$ 33++ ---

* For wedding treatments, please contact us.
* Please make your reservation for Hair & Makeup two weeks prior to your wedding day.
* Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 11% government tax.
* The prices are displayed here in USD as the main international currency for online transactions, but are charged at the hotel in rupiah. For your convenience, we have provided the equivalent rupiah rate, based on Bloomberg exchange rates. Please note that exchange rates are subject to international money market fluctuations.
* You can find great deals in our Spa Packages.
* Read more about our elegant Bali wedding facilities.