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Beauty Salon & Nail

Professional Beauty Salon Services at Our Bali Spa Hotel
For the finishing touches, skilled beauticians in our Bali hotel spa offer a full range of hair and nail care. If you are visiting our Bali spa hotel for a wedding, special celebration, or important business gathering, this world-class salon will leave you sparkling for the big event.



Hair Treatments

  • Hair Care

Shampoo & Blow Rp580,000++ RESERVE
Creambath (Natural Dry) Rp900,000++ RESERVE
Hair Spa (Natural Dry) RP900,000++ RESERVE

Nail Treatments

  • Hand Nail Care

* Including color
Rp530,000++  RESERVE
Shellac Manicure  Rp680,000++  RESERVE



  • Foot Nail Care

* Including color
Rp636,000++ RESERVE
Soft Gel
* Nail Care & one color Soft Gel/10 nails
Rp1,000,000++ RESERVE
Shellac Pedicure  Rp770,000++ RESERVE
  • Hand & Foot Nail Care

Manicure & Pedicure
* Including color
Rp1,000,000++ RESERVE

Wedding Treatments

  • Bride's Hair & Makeup

Hair & Makeup
* At our wedding dressing room (depending on the wedding venue)
Rp4,500,000++  ---
Hair Style Change Rp1,985,000++ ---
Hair & Makeup Rehearsal
* At our Beauty Salon
Rp3,345,000++  ---
  • Hair & Makeup Touch-up

Makeup & Hair Touch-up / 1 hour
* Our beautician attends your wedding reception and photo tour
for make-up & hair touch-up. Charged hourly
 Rp2,550,000++ ---
Makeup & Hair Touch-up / 2 hours
* Our beautician attends your wedding reception and photo tour
for make-up & hair touch-up. Charged every 2 hour
Rp3,175,000++  ---
  • Attendee's Hair & Makeup

Hair Styling Rp1,700,000++  ---
Makeup Rp1,700,000++  ---
Hair Styling and Makeup Rp3,200,000++  ---
  • Groom's Hair

Hair Rp790,000++  ---
  • Balinese Wedding Outfit Rental

Balinese Wedding Outfit Rental
* Including accessories, shoes, hair & makeup
* Price is for couple.
Rp5,350,000++ ---
Balinese Outfit Rental
* Including accessories, shoes
Rp2,300,000++ ---